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Adult Day Support & Vocational Habilitation Services

St. John's Villa is approved by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DD) to provide Skills Development and Supports and Service Coordination for persons with DD through Day Habilitation Waiver. Most of the Villa residents are involved in these programs. Some choose to be involved in the local Board of the DD day services at the Carroll Hills workshop.

The Villa Adult Day Support & Vocational Habilitation Funding is a combination of State/Medicaid and Private Pay.



  • Offer opportunities to learn silk-screening, woodworking, restaurant, and janitorial work along with sheltered workshop and community employment.

  • Pay residents according to productivity and quality of their work using federal standards.

  • Enhance self-esteem for residents to assist in making plans for their own futures through work.

  • Provide caring staff supporting positive growth at work.

  • Foster growth through community participation.

  • Teach adult responsibility for working and contributing toward a project.


The Adult Day Support & Vocational Habilitation Services provide:

  • Skills development and supports.

  • Service Coordination.

  • Vocational opportunities.

  • Medication administration and individualized habilitation sessions for each participant.

Each individual in the Day Habilitation program can choose which work site they would prefer. They also participate in the Habilitation Training. These sites are as follows:

  1. Edward & Henry Cain Woodshop

  2. Villa Restaurant

  3. Habilitation Training/Skill Development

Located in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Multi-Purpose Building on our campus.
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701 Crest Street
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Edward & Henry Cain Woodshop

At St. John’s Villa, each of the workers have an opportunity to express their desire to work in a special site depending on their interest.  They can also choose to work in more than one area.

In 1991, the Villa Woodshop was established as a vocational worksite.

Skill training for each individual working with wood products provides a variety of opportunities from  basic sanding, simple cut-outs and sawing, staining and painting.

Some individuals learn block sanding and use of the drill press which promotes eye-hand coordination.

Skill training takes place in both social and work related areas.  Our employees have a wide range of skill levels from basic sanding of an item to final painting and staining of items to sell on the gift and consignment shop floors in the area.

Each employee has the opportunity to develop special creations.

Orders are received from the public and specialized projects are available.  All of our employee’s participate in the creation of items made for sale and take great pride in their work.  Call Susan Williamson at 330-627-9789 to negotiate a project.

Our items are available in the Gift Shop or from our catalog and on the website. Special items can be ordered directly through the woodshop.


The sale of these items helps support the vocational work programs which provide employment.  Just like anyone else, that two-week paycheck is extremely significant as they too wish to live productive lives.

Contract Site

The Contract Site of St. John’s Villa in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Multi-Purpose Center provides an opportunity for persons in need to participate in productive work.

Sometimes viable work becomes a real challenge in a rural community such as Carrollton — 30 miles distant from a community of any size.


At times employees do some collating work for the mailings of St. John’s Villa.  These tasks offer optional opportunities for a variety of skills to be

expressed by and with the workers.


Skill development with specific tasks to be performed during work hours are interspersed during the course of the work day.


Sometimes, a diversionary activity helps the individuals to refocus and/or take a break.


Support services are provided to individuals throughout the day. As they increase their skills and productivity, they increase their incomes.


A big part of the daily work program are skills in daily living such as health awareness, personal care, and social skills.


Time is well used doing crafts as well as providing review time for fire and tornado safety, and individuals rights, just to name a few.  As, for any other worker, pay day is the best.  Workers are transported to the bank to cash those checks.

Contract work is always welcome,
if you have a business that can provide jobs
(or parts of jobs) for the work site.
Call Susan Williamson at 330-627-9789

Villa Restaurant

St. John’s Villa operates a family style restaurant 6 days a week to provide a viable worksite for the Villa Workers with developmental disabilities.

Presently 17 persons with developmental disabilities perform tasks learning invaluable skills.


Their tasks are varied not only to develop their individual skills but to participate with other staff to provide a quality restaurant and food service.

A Villa worker may welcome you, take you to your seat, give you the menu and beverage and tell you the daily specials.

Another may be assisting in preparations for the restaurant and adult services meals.

They are proud keeping the kitchen and dining areas spotless as well as running the dishwasher. 

Their baking skills continue to develop on a daily basis.  They make super cookies that are offered daily on the salad bar.

Habilitation Training/Skill Development

Learning remains important throughout the life experience of every individual.  The purpose of the Habilitation Training/Skill Development portion of the day programming affords each resident the opportunity for individual/small group time to focus on specific ongoing learning.

At the individual’s annual planning, staff works together with each person to focus on an area of learning growth requested by any one including the person who has challenges to plan sessions and set goals to meet their desires/needs.  Implementation of these programs are carried out to increase or maintain the person’s knowledge in a specific area.  In addition, this time provides the one-to-one learning not only required, but, essential for continued growth.

Educational opportunities available consist of:  language and writing, math, money and computer skills, socialization and stranger safety.  There are really no limits to the potential skills to be learned.

Proper language, identifying alphabet, recognizing words, spelling, reading and word meanings are choices that folks make.  Students like to spell words out on the computer, and thus are learning basic computer skills in addition to their spelling.  Use of the computer gives them a great sense of pride as well….they prefer choosing the computer to type their words   instead of writing. Writing skills are also achieved with the computer or are hand written.

Favorite sessions in math include learning numbers and money skills.  Great pride is taken when a person can pay a bill in a restaurant on their own.

Sessions for appropriate socialization, public and private, are stressed. Learning how to protect oneself in a given situation through stranger safety training can be significant for individuals and how to respond to these situations.

Understanding one’s sexuality and what this means throughout life is particularly important for safety purposes as well as for the dignity of the individual.  Sessions on prevention of sexual abuse are important for  select individuals.

Some of the people served in this class have a great interest on career awareness —  (finding a job, applying for a job, job attitudes, etc.)

If an individual requires assistance in understanding particular health procedure Some individuals attend sessions before doctor’s appointments to prepare them for a procedure they may not have experienced or do not wish to experience.  Individual sessions on coping such as anger or a loss of a loved one are scheduled as needed.

These educational programs provide a great sense of pride for the people served as well as to increase their quality of life.

Villa Restaurant